Voltron Legendary Defender - Season 7


Five Earth teens - Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge and Shiro - who become the last line of defense for the galaxy in an intergalactic battle against the evil alien force led by King Zarkon.
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S7E13 -Lions' Pride (2)

A mysterious foe acts out and the future of planet Earth is in the b..

S7E12 - Lions' Pride (1)

Shiro goes on a solo mission to try to find a way to defeat Sendak a..

S7E11 - Trial By Fire

Sanda's revelation shakes the Paladins, who are separated from the L..

S7E10 - Heart of the Lion

The Paladins work with the Garrison pilots on a mission that could p..

S7E9 - Know Your Enemy

The Paladins drop off the Lions and head to Earth, believing that in..

S7E8 - The Last Stand (2)

Sam and the others at the Garrison attempt to hold off the Galra att..

S7E7 - The Last Stand (1)

The Paladins receive a distress signal that's explained through a fl..

S7E6 - The Journey Within

As the Paladins hurtle through space, they enter a seemingly endless..

S7E5 - The Ruins

When Pidge intercepts a distress signal that the Paladins believe th..

S7E4 - The Feud!

The Paladins inexplicably become the contestants on the crazy game s..

S7E3 - The Way Forward

Stuck in a perilous situation far from home and needing help to get ..

S7E2 - The Road Home

The Paladins stop at a base that belongs to the Blades, only to find..

S7E1 -A Little Adventure

Part of the group gets stuck on a planet where they're inadvently mi..

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